How can I hang something heavy from the underside of my desk?

I have a sit/stand desk and I would like to screw down or attach everything to the desk I can so that it doesnt move or slide. I have a heavy (20lb) UPS and a small RAID array that currently sit on top of my desk. I would like to hang them from the bottom of the desk instead. I thought of a few ways to do this but I want to KISS and do it good enough. 

The two main ways I came up with was to create a simple 4-sided rectangle shelf and screw it to the underside of the desk and slide the heavy stuff into it, one on each side like saddle bags on a bike or motorcycle. Alternately they could slide into place using some kind of track of french cleat though I have not found anything suitable to do that. 

The quick and easy was was to use "plumbers tape" which is basically thin steel strips with holes in it, to quickly create a U bracket to attach the items to the bottom of the desk. 

Here is a mockup of my desk showing the shelf idea. Ideally I would like these to be removable so that I can disassemble and reassemble the desk easily in the future. So if anyone has an idea or knows of a bracket or sliding rail system that would work that would be awesome!

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Burf3 years ago

Here is a rendering of a design I used to add shelves to my entertainment center:

I edge banded the plywood and attached the top piece to the cabinet with screws and Gorilla Glue. I used chrome plated, copper tubing to cover the all-thread. It looks clean and simple when finished.

hanging shelf.png
pcmofo (author)  Burf3 years ago

Cool idea. I have used threaded rod and T-nuts before but didnt think of this. I might have to give it a try.

Vyger3 years ago

My experience has been that within a short time of customizing something things go obsolete and you now have to re-engineer it for something else. For example, I built into my desk a custom bay for my computer. It worked great, with the cables running up through holes in the back. Then I replaced the computer a few years later. The new one didn't fit. And not only that but the new machines made a lot more heat so they needed to be open and not in enclosures. So I converted the bay to shelves for CD, DVD's that pull out. Now those are going obsolete being replaced with NAS drives and off site storage. So, making custom stuff is fun but in the end it doesn't last. Which brings up the question, is it worth doing in the first place?

pcmofo (author)  Vyger3 years ago

I designed several revisions of the desk from very fancy to the maker style Kee Klamp desks. What I came to realize was that their will never be a perfect desk that is future proof. So instead I am planning on drilling, screwing, gluing and clamping anything I need to this table top. If I ruin it then I will buy a new table top and continue. But I will have to move the desk a few times in the next year and I would prefer if I didnt have to screw and unscrew things several times and ware out the screw holes in the wood.

kjsrocks3 years ago

i agree with mpilch and you have a nice desk and devices

pcmofo (author)  kjsrocks3 years ago

Yes, either way will work. I was hoping for a 3rd solution or a slightly more elegant one. I would like to easily remove these "shelves". If I screw them on they will be difficult to remove. I looked into "CPU holders" but none of them can handle a small device like a UPS. My previous desk was a 3/4" sheet of MDF and $30 Ikea legs.

If it was easy to remove it wouldn't hold the weight. It on the under side so don't worry about additional holes.

pcmofo (author) 3 years ago

This is the "french cleat" style sliding piece I was thinking about...

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 1.50.08 PM.png

Either way will work.