How can I hardwire a gooseneck reading lamp into a wall switch?In video form:

   The video should explain. Trying to hardwire a gooseneck reading lamp into a wall switch

Link to Video: 

Burf4 years ago
1) The black wire in the Romex sheath connects to one terminal of the switch.

2) The green (or unsheilded) ground wire connects to the ground terminal on the switch.

3) The white wire (neutral) connects directly to a lamp wire. It doesn't matter which lamp wire.

4) The last lamp wire connects directly to the remaining terminal on the switch.

5) Make sure ALL connections will be contained inside a junction box when completed.
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TallManyTinyMansion (author)  Burf4 years ago
Thanks a lot. I know this is one of the simplest wiring jobs, so thanks for taking the time. I was making this way more complicated than it was.