How can I impove my time on minesweeper?

well I can already play expert and my best time for it is 179 seconds (without cheating) but I want to improve my time, is there any technique to get faster?

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kcls7 years ago
I think that there is a way to make your computer click when you press down and lift your finger off the mouse as well. I've seen youtube videos, and that tends to let people finish faster.
miiwii3 kcls7 years ago
im going to clarify when u click down that is a click and u hold it. to click again you release the button.
kcls miiwii37 years ago
nickodemus kcls7 years ago
+1, and for the record, I thought what you said was absolutely clear...
The trick is if you click left and right mouse button at the same time it automatically clicks everything around the current square. This is useful when you have flagged all the known obvious mines based on the numbers, then you do the combi-click to quickly clear areas. If there are any squares that are unspoken for, it will react differently - possibly killing you (I forget).
miiwii37 years ago
not that im aware of its just luck of the mines and thinking skill