How can I increase the ram on my netbook computer?

I don't want to open it or add anything to it like a part but I need it to be faster . how can I do this!!!

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You can't. There are usually doors in the bottom of the box that allow easy access to put more RAM in, but you have specifically excluded that, so you're stuffed.
knex dude 2000 (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
2 questions . :where is the box thing and how much would it be
The case of the net book.

The only way to increase the memory is to go inside and even ten it may not be possible,
oldmicah4 years ago
Just go to and look up the manufacturer, product line, and model. They will show you which mem upgrades are available and often have take apart videos avail. Not an indorsement but I have done well with their stuff in the past.
knex dude 2000 (author)  oldmicah4 years ago
ok thanks! ill test this link tomorrow because im the last person awake lol but thanks again .
Vyger4 years ago
Most, almost all, netbooks are not upgradeable. That is why they are cheap. They are made to be throw away devices. If you need something faster then you have to buy something faster. Most of the components in them are soldered in place. Even tablets and things like I pads are not really intended to be upgraded. You buy it the way you want it and/or can afford at the time.
knex dude 2000 (author)  Vyger4 years ago
well my old computer was a big one but at the time I needed a pc and I had 200 quid. this was the only option . I could ask for a refund but I don't know what I would do in the weeks without one.