How can I keep my bike handlebar grips in place?

Standard mountain-bike-style straight handlebar, standard rubbery slide-on handgrips. Handgrips keep slowly migrating off the end while I'm riding. Clever solutions for keeping them in the same spot?

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JackL721 year ago

take off the grips and submerge them in cold water take them out dry them with a hand towel only dry the out sides put them back on your vehicle leave them over night when you wake up they should be un moveable

ChrisH302 years ago

Take them off and clean inside of them as well as the bar with rubbing alcohol, et the alcohol evaperate. Then use some Final Net hair spray inside them, place them back on and let sit for 3 hours. You will have to use rubbing alcohol or!a air compressor to remove them in the future.

Local bike shop said spray adhesive for headliners, door panels on cars, etc. Makes sense. I have some so I'm going to try it.

onrust6 years ago
I used to use hair spray. Now I just use super glue. I only recommend the superglue on chrome handlebars because it will take the paint off when you remove them.
iBurn6 years ago
Get some silicone caulk and spread a little around the inside of each one, near the opening. Let it dry off the handlebars, and then slide them on, and if need be put a ziptie on each one too.

I never liked permanently modifying my stuff.

Standard bikeshop practice is this;

-Remove a grip.

-Spray a generous amount of clear laquer into the inside of the grip.

-Immediately slide the grip on; you only have seconds to do this and you do not want it stuck half-way.

-Repeat for the next grip.

-Leave to set for at least half an hour.

That should do it.
caarntedd6 years ago
When I was a kid I had a similar problem with my dirt bike (motorcycle). I think it was mainly due to the amount of water, dirt and mud they came into contact with.
The solution was to remove the grips and thoroughly clean and dry them, as well as the bars. Refit the grips, (this was pretty tough sometimes) then fix them in place with steel tie wire. The wire was wrapped around the end of the grip closest to your thumb, and served to not only anchor the grip in place, but also to keep dirt and moisture out. Sometimes I also wrapped the other end if there was still any slight movement.
I wonder how this would go using an electrical wire tie or maybe a screw on hose clamp? A little tape over the sharp bits and away you go.
Another option would be to apply a small bead of silicone sealer to the inside of the grips and slide them back on the handlebars.
Agree. Go to a bike shop and get some there or to a motor cycle shop. That's were I got mine.
Burf6 years ago
Tear a strip of duct tape about 3/4" or so wide and long enough to make a widely spaced spiral ( 3 or 4 revolutions) around the end of the handle bar. Warm the grips in hot water and slide them over the taped bars. They'll never slip again.