How can I know if a guy who i made out with last week wants something more serious or not?

I really liked him ,and we had been flirting for a long time, then on Saturday night we snogged at a party and it was excellent, we even did some other stuff (not actual sex, but, you know...) . I've been staring at my phone but he will not call me, and when i just thought he was just using me for pleasure, that i was his game, his best friend calls me and tells me he has been talking and thinking about me all week. my question is: why doesn't he CALL me?! I'm seriously freaking out! thank you everyone if you can help me with it! xx

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Kiteman8 years ago
Here's a thought - maybe he is sat next to the phone, wondering why you don't call ...
Serena. (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Thank you, Kiteman. the thing is, I called him yesterday and he said he'd phone me later, then, he didn't phone! I am so messed up!
Kiteman Serena.8 years ago
Define "later" - where I was born, later means "in the next hour or two". Where I live, later means "some time in the middle future, probably this year". Or maybe his phone died. If you're fretting, then it means he's worth chasing. So chase him.
Serena. (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Yeah. thankyou very much!
Kiteman Serena.8 years ago
You're welcome - let us know how it goes.
Here we go: Muhahaha
Kiteman - the love guru. Hold on, I have an idea...
I can't get over how kind and thoughtful you are in these answers Kiteman!
I sometimes wonder what happens later. Did Serena get her guy?
BeanGolem8 years ago
First: Don't freak out. Life is too short to freak out. Plus, guys don't always like it when girls get all crazy dramatic about who calls who and all that stuff. If you have mutual friends, set up some group socialization. Then you can be all "friendly" without pressure. Maybe he just hates phone calls. I do. Build a friendship, then build the relationship (i.e. the other stuff).
Serena. (author)  BeanGolem8 years ago
Yeah, that's a great idea! Thank you very much, BeanGolem!