How can I lower my car insurance?

 I use peerless insurance company and I have two rather large speeding tickets ;D

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orksecurity7 years ago
Taking a defensive driving class every year may speed up the removal of those points.

Raising your deductable, or dropping comprehensive/glass coverage altogether and keeping only the essential liability insurance, will lower your rate. Of course you don't get what you don't pay for; if something happens you'll have to pay for the repair/replacement costs yourself.

You *may* be able to shop around for a better insurance deal, especially if you also have house or life insurance and can use that as bait for an agent or company to cut you a deal in exchange for giving them all your business. But, again, you don't get what you don't pay for; the folks who are cheapest also tend to be the worst in customer service and the stingiest in paying out if something bad happens.

Outside of that: Drive more carefully, maintain a spotless record, and wait however many years it takes for those penalty points to age out... and for your own age and years of driving experience  to increase so you're considered a lower risk.

There is no quick fix. You bought it; you get to pay for it.
webbrowan2 years ago

Car finance deals with insurance are actually quite simple to get around if you know who to go to. In addition to the really good advice above, I'd just add that you need to remember to shop around and do your comparisons. For the same parameters, another company might just be able to offer you better terms.

SeanValjean4 years ago
In my case I was able to find a speeding ticket lawyer in Columbia NC who was able to get things turned away from my record which is what really helped me with my rates. I don't know if that helps.
jwinterton4 years ago
I am paying about $70 a month now for my car insurance. And I feel that that is way to high for someone of my age. I'm going to start calling them tomorrow and try to get my bill lowered. Thankyou so much for posting this valuable information.
cbrawnyson4 years ago
I know for me, taking a defensive driving class was what had the biggest impact on lowering my car insurance rate. Being a safe driver and not getting traffic tickets helps as well!
For my car insurance halifax. I simply called after my credit score improved!
lbently4 years ago
Wow thanks for the tips. My rates have been high and I am looking for a place where can get auto insurance in Lakewood co. If you know of any auto insurance companies in Lakewood please let me know.
I did traffic school after my ticket which helped lower my insurance in Kamloops, but you might also want to shop around. A lot of plans include premiums that may not be applicable to you.
ginny7894 years ago
Thanks everyone for all of these answers! I've working with my insurance quote and trying to lower my car insurance, and all of this has really helped. Thanks!
I feel like with my insurance in Edmonton you can go to a driving school, or take an online thing to help your tickets not raise your insurance. You have to do it within a certain amount of time after you get your ticket though.
I think this is a great post! Thank you so much for it! I was wondering how I could get better car insurance and I never thought of raising my deductible! Thanks for this information! It's great.
jessesToons5 years ago
This is great advice. I feel so lucky that I came across this car insurance tip to try and lower your monthly costs. This would be amazing to have happen. I have a sibling or two that would love this to happen. I'm going to show this article to them thanks again for sharing!
Like the comments above state, you need to look at all the different companies and policies that are out there. I have heard great things about the insurance in calgary. You may want to research that a little bit. Thanks for the question.
suzyframe5 years ago
There are lots of ways to lower your car insurance rates. One of the main ways that can help lower the car insurance rates can be to look around for other companies that may fit your needs. There are many various car insurances out there that are willing to help you fit to your needs as much as possible. Companies appreciate your purchasing and choice to choose them.
This is a great suggestion, Suzy. There are a lot of car insurance companies where I live here in Kitchener, so it can be difficult knowing which one offers the best rates and coverage. The best thing to do is simply shop around.
lemonie7 years ago
"Shop around" is your best short term option. Unless you can get included as a named-driver on someone else's policy?

kelseymh7 years ago