How can I make a Master Chief Helmet?

I need help making a Master Chief Helmet from Halo 2 for a "Trophy" I guess you could say...Help!

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For instructions on a Mark 6 helmet (picture attached) done with foam try this link:
RC-07208 years ago
indymogul does a better build.
mkshane818 years ago
don't know if you found an answer it to it yet, but the best way to do it would be to use pepakura. Paper craft based models. that is the preferred method for beginners over at
frollard8 years ago
WOW. you typed more asking this question than if you had just searched 'master chief' into the search box. There are 4 alone in the related tab that have featured - meaning they're pretty top notch. Try those.
fwjs288 years ago
check instructables, if i remember professer jake birggs or something like that made one out of fiberglass (or was i cardboard?)