How can I make a amplifier for my speakers?

I have like 6 at the most but I want to know how to make a good reliable amplifier. I was cosidering buying this any other suggestions? Also what is a good way to make portable speakers

sshuggi6 years ago
To make it portable, just get two 9V batteries in series. This gives you 18V. Or something like 13 AA batteries. Just look at the amp-hour ratings. AA has 2.9A-h, whereas 9V has 0.5A-h. (So, for the AA's you could draw 2.9 amps for one hour... you get how it works) It's just a tradeoff of smaller battery space versus play time. Look into getting rechargeable batteries too.
lsavage-1 (author)  sshuggi6 years ago
which kind of speakers do i use for it
Re-design6 years ago
Looks like a good kit for a good price. You'd be hard put to make a homebrew that powerful for that price.