How can I make a diy basis peak sport vent strap?

I don't want to blow 30 dollars on a sport vent strap because I had to give 100 dollars to convince my dad to buy me the watch itself. The reason  I want it is because you have to wear the watch really tight for consistent heart rate monitoring. Could someone come up with an instructable?? For meeeeee???????

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Kiteman2 years ago

Buy any cheap plastic strap and cut holes in it, or make your own paracord strap:

Or, more generally:

Just for you, some thoughtful persons have already written some 'ibles on how to make watch bands, here:

It's just a plastic watch band. Nothing to it. If you need it tighter and the hole on the strap don't cut it then add a hole where you need it. Otherwise buy a cheap velcro watch band for it so you can sinch it as tight as you need.

100$ for a watch but unwilling to buy a proper one with included strap?
Kids are so spoiled these days....

Pikablu (author) 2 years ago

Oh also if you don't know what a basis peak is look it up.