How can I make a generator?

Ive been looking foward to making a small DC generator that I can put on the frame of my bike to power some lights.  Or, where can I find one?

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ARJOON7 years ago
any toy simple 2 batteries (3v) or any electronic devices that have moving parts. such as cd player dvd driver, video cassettes, and a lot more.

If you get a motor that has only 2 wires out it will produce a dc current.
if you get a motor which has 4 or more wires coming out also known as a stepper motor then you have to play with the wires to get the best output and connect it to a rectifier to make the output dc as most stepper motors outputs ac current.
make sure u monitor the voltages and current output that meet your specifications
leds are monsters!!! use then instead of other 3v or 12v bulbs but remember to place a resister.

thake care
metsfan1938 (author)  ARJOON7 years ago
Will an old computer fan with four work?
yes but the revolution should be i high enough. it will only be able to driver a red led
Re-design7 years ago
You can buy bike generators and light kits made up already.
metsfan1938 (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Well that's no fun...
Well you didn't say you wanted to build one.

How about this one?

Or just search "bike generator" or " generator" or "stepper motor generator" or something of that genre.
rickharris7 years ago
If not buy a small stepper motor make a fair generator to drive LEDs and the like.