How can I make a good steampunk mask?

I want one to make one for halloween so i can show off my creativeness

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RavensCraft4 years ago
You could use a face shield as your base and build on that. They are fairly sturdy,so you might try spray painting it a brass color and maybe make big holes for round lenses. http://www.homedepot.com/buy/3m-tekk-protection-clear-professional-face-shield-90028-80025t.html#.UGUSQq4mySo
How about using some brass or copper fittings, or take apart some old/broken clocks or watches for some small gears and screws for detailing.

Perhaps some small filament bulbs running on a too-low voltage so they just about glow would look good.
nerd7473 (author)  The Skinnerz4 years ago
Kiteman4 years ago
If you want to show off *your* creativeness, should you be asking for *our* ideas? ;-)

(You can buy plain white masks in craft shops - start with one if those.)
nerd7473 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
great idea I didn't think of that