How can I make a homemade flash diffuser for a fuji finepix s8100?

Keep in mind the flash is a pop-up and there is no hot shoe.

J@50n7 years ago
Use a small piece of ripstop nylon over your flash unit to diffuse and soften the light.


I cut a 3-inch square piece of RipStop nylon, and attached pieces of self-stick velcro to it and to the flash. The fabric can be quickly added to the flash to diffuse and soften the light a little bit and is easily removed. I used a candle to carefully melt the edges of the cut fabric to keep the threads from unraveling.Use a plastic rubbing alcohol bottle, cut the top off, and secure to flash head with strips of velcro.
Joe Martin7 years ago
Cut a slit into the side of a white film pot, slide it over the flash and then put the cap onto the other end.
Re-design7 years ago
Start with something like this for an idea.  Now figure out an attachment other than the hot shoe.

I don't have your kind of camera to work with so I can't do that part for you.