How can I make a new t-shirt softer?

I have a few t-shirts I have gotten as gifts that I absolutely love, but they are that new, "stiff" feeling cotton shirts... I would love to find a way to make them feel more "well-worn" and aged. Not necessarily vintage-y, just softer, more broken in, as if they've been worn for years. Is there any way to do this, besides just using copious amounts of fabric softener?

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Burf6 years ago
Wash it and then throw it in the dryer with 5 or 6 tennis balls. Run it through a couple of drying cycles and it should come out soft and fluffy.
rickharris Burf6 years ago
What the tennis balls??
Burf rickharris6 years ago
Yep, I do that with new jeans. The tennis balls keep the fabric moving during drying preventing the starch in the fabric from linking up into long chains. The result is soft jeans.
rickharris6 years ago
Wash them a couple of times.
CrLz6 years ago
You may be able to mechanically wear it down:
1. Many, many washings
2. Get an old washboard and work it
3. Beat it with something like a tenderizer. Check out Hawaiian "bark cloth", the traditional tool for the second pounding would be what you could use.
caarntedd6 years ago
Loan them to somebody else for 12 months? :D