How can I make a powerfull electric motor?

cdubnbird8 years ago
wrap a bunch of magnet wire in a circle around a spoke or shaft then leave wrap some more magnet wire separately in the same way in a circle slightly larger (you should be able to place the first one within the second one with only a small amount of clearance). Then get some brushes like molybdenum rods and stick them against a copper tube contained in the first rolled piece. finally supply one set of wrappings on the outer coil with positive AC the other wrapping on the outside coil with negative AC one brush with positive AC and one with negative AC and that's it. Simple huh? Be more specific in your question and I could answer it more thoroughly. I suggest you learn how motors work and make a weak simple one first then go big.
frollard8 years ago
make + powerful won't be in most amateur motor-building designs - What is your intended application? Between the commutator, coils, and possibly magnets, you've got quite the project on your hands.