How can I make a "sexy" dress top, out of a normal, white dress shirt?

I have a bowtie and skirt, I just need the "school girl top" to go with it, and am too cheap to buy one at a store. Any hints?

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Maybe you should look around on the internet for styles of 'school girl tops' to take an idea and reconstruct your shirt from. Or maybe you can just make the sleeves little cap sleeves (or just roll up the sleeves) and tie the shirt in the middle rather than buttoning it up.
Keep it simple: Unbutton the shirt, iron the placket with button holes inward- so the button holes aren't visible. Pin the bottom of the placket with buttons to the far inside seam. Cross the ironed placket of button holes (now not visible) over the top of the other and pin outside the shirt at the farthest seam with a pretty brooch or pin. TADAH! Simple pretty dress shirt with a "wrap-like" appearance and a little or big "V" neck appearance. I've been known to do this while at work post coffee spill... & I always get compliments.
SFHandyman8 years ago
I hope it already fits at the shoulders. That's the most important thing. If the shoulder seam does not sit right at the top of your shoulder, you are going to have a hard time getting a good fit from that shirt without major surgery. When you cut the sleeves off, carefully cut the sleeve fabric right at the shoulder seam. If you cut into the shoulder seam, you will have to fix it, so be careful. As long as you cut it close, you won't have to do anything else to it. You might get a couple of threads after you wash it but they can just be gently pulled out or snipped off. You aren't going to get that perfect sexy school girl fit, because we can't put in a dart above, or on the side, of the breast without major reassembly. As long as the shoulder seam hits right at the top of your shoulder, we can get pretty close though. If the shoulder seams are below your shoulders then it would be major surgery to adjust the shirt - something that couldn't really be explained in a post like this. Fitting clothes is both a science and a skill with some art thrown in. Have you watched Project Runway and seen how even the semi pros have a hard time getting a good fit starting from scratch? Don't feel like you are a failure if you can't get this right. It's not that easy to do. If you already have a fitted top, that fits you well, you can use that as your guide. FYI I can make my own men's clothes and I've worked as a costumer on movies. This is how I'd fit a blouse on a woman. Because of the great variety of shapes for busts, waist and hip lines, it really isn't possible to write out a "one size fits all" set of instructions, but I'll give you some basics. Before we start, I'll tell you the goal for the ease. "Ease" is the amount of extra fabric you have. I'm going to suggest 2" ease at the bust line. That means you would be able to overlap the fabric by 2" at the center front on the bust line. 6" ease at the waist, and 6" ease at the hips. 6" sounds like a lot, but that is just pinching up 1.5" on each side. You need that much if you want to bend, or sit, and continue breathing without the buttons puckering up, or popping open. If you are larger than a B cup you will probably want front darts. If you are smaller, or you are apple shaped (vs. pear, or hourglass) you can probably do without the front dart. The front darts are parallel lines that run straight down from the peak of your breasts. If you want to have the front in more of a pointy shape, you should start the darts about an inch below the point, for a more rounded shape, you can start the darts up to 4" below the center of the breasts. It depends on the size, and shape. Taper the dart all the way down to your waist and then let it widen back out as you move down over your hips. The back darts will start right below the points of your shoulder blades and travel in more of a v shape towards your waist. You will probably want them to reach their closest point, at your waist line, about the same distance apart as the front pleats. Now it's all about pinching and pinning. If the arm holes are so large that they'd reveal the side of your breasts after you cut the sleeves off and pinch up the side seams, then the shirt really won't work. For the start of pinching and pinning, put it on inside out (sleeves are already cut off) and buttoned up. Pinch the fabric under each arm at the breast line, and put a pin in 1/2" from that point. Pinch 1.5" of fabric on each side of your hip and put a pin in. Then take the blouse off and pin a straight line down the sides from the breast line pin, to the the waist line pin. Pinch up and pin some back darts. Pinch up 1/2 to 1 inch at the waist for each back dart, and taper them up to the points of the shoulder blades. Put the blouse back on inside out and pinch up the front dart. Start below the breasts (1" for pointy, and up to 4" under for rounded). Measure from peak to peak. Put a pin in on each side of the front 1/2 that distance from the center. The seam line for the darts are going to run straight up and down parallel to the center front. Pinch in all of the remaining waist fabric and pin each dart 1.5" from the pinch spot. Then just pinch and pin up to the starting point at the top of the dart. You can now turn the blouse inside out and see how it looks. If it's ok, then turn it inside out again and sew a straight line up the darts, and a line along the pins at the sides. If you have a lot of fabric pinched up in the front pleats, trim it at about 1/2" away from the stitching line. Same with the sides, trim them 1/2" from your stitching line. You shouldn't have to trim the back pleats unless you ended up making them really wide. Press the darts out to the sides away from the middle (don't open them up like a butterfly). Open up the side seams and press them flat. There's the basics. Good luck.
i am replying because i am a student who is doing gcse textiles and this advise is good
cut off everything except the sleaves
Wafflicious8 years ago
Cut it. A lot!
KentsOkay8 years ago
projects from may give you a good start.