How can I make a simple MECHANICAL water pump (no electricity should be used)??

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spchtr5 years ago
Has anyone considered re-purposing a mechanical water pump off an engine? The have a pretty good flow rate. The older ones off things like GM 350s would be quite easy to mod I would think.
kleinjahr7 years ago
Not hard to build a pump at all. look up Ctsephon or Hero of Alexandria. If you've ever seen an old horse drawn fire pump that's it. Archimedes screw is simple, wrap a hose screw fashion around a frame, a barrel works well. put it at something less than 15 degrees from horizontal and turn it so the immersed end gulps up water.  A simple force pump can be made by joining several lengths of pipe with check valves. Use a larger diameter pipe as a guide, plunge the first pipe up and down until water comes out. 
eripe7 years ago
This guy has a pretty nifty one:

or you might want to check out this page
I wonder if you could power a centrifugal type with a bicycle.

But the Money Maker is pretty hard to beat if you are looking for a pump at less than $40
Dr.Bill8 years ago
Google 'Clack Valve'

Also there was a guy that put out an Ible He Made One.
josh8 years ago
to move a volume of water quickly and efficiently there's always the treadle pump !
There's always the force pump, which is a bicycle pump with some valves.

I think they'd be easier to build than the screw for an archimedean pump.

There is just something about the archim. screw that I really like.  Someday maybe I'll figure that out and move on.
I know what you mean - but I really don't fancy making the screw bit !

orksecurity8 years ago
Or water mill in reverse. Or piston pump. Or.... Websearch "simple pump"?
Re-design8 years ago
Archimedes screw on of the simplest water pumps to make.  Very easy to make the size you need and easy to run by mechanical means only.

Here's the link.