How can I make a simple oscillator to power a transformer?

For the longest time, I've wanted to screw around with high voltage stuff but I didn't know how to make an oscillator. So can someone help me with this?

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appolo8 years ago
The most versatile oscillator uses a 555 timer IC available from most electronic hobby shops. It's a very versatile chip and you only have to add a few components to get started. Enter 555 oscillators into the search box. If this is your first project and you want to experiment further invest in a 'Bread Board' to build your projects on, no soldering necessary and you can just place your parts into the connection points. Dead easy and quick_ideal for experimenters. Have fun but beware of the hazards! Regards
ben1233246 years ago
easiest way is to find an old neon sign transformer, and you can fin d them at a sign shop, or if someone has an open sign or something that the want to give away. also sells a variety of typed of hv output devices.

another way is to buy a 120v ac to 12v ac step down transformer. this will give you an output of 12v miroring the 50-60hz of mains.(corisponding voltages if you are european)

then the most reliable way is to but a ne555 chip. almost anyone who uses ic chips can use ne555, so ask someone or look it up, its quite simple
lemonie8 years ago
Have you tried high voltage in the search box upper right?
People have published some useful stuff here.

Shagglepuff (author)  lemonie8 years ago
All good stuff, but none of them tell where you should get the oscilating V from.
You looked at the High voltage ignition coil supply and didn't think that was any use? (555 circuit diagram)

Shagglepuff (author)  lemonie8 years ago