How can I make a small rolling mill for my silver, the ones sold commercially are way out of my budget?

I want to make a rolling mill that is adjustable and will roll out silver for silversmithing. It dosen't have to be elaborate just strong.

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rickharris7 years ago
A quick look shows complete mills for £180 ish and rollers for as little as £9 Worth getting a frame made perhaps. The rollers are the costly part.
OldSneelock7 years ago
Hugh McDonald created a rolling mill and sells the plans for $25.00 through Anvilfire. It has more than enough power to roll silver and can be made cheaply with a lathe and a welder.
rickharris7 years ago
You are still going to need some access to engineering facilities.

The rollers need to have a mirror finish as any imperfections will transfer to the silver. They will need to be hardened if you want them to last any amount of time.

They also apply considerable pressure to the silver and so need to be built strongly. You are looking at a steel framework to house the rollers, good bearings or they will were quickly and gears to drive the top and bottom roller.

Possibly you could salvage some suitable material from some industrial machinery and modify it.

I guess if you took a picture of a commercial roller to a friendly engineer you might get it built for less than the commercial price as the material cost is fairly low, BUT more than likely still not as cheap as you would like.

This is why a) I don't have one and b) despite having a lathe and the ability I haven't built one.

Ebay may be your friend here
meandmytreasures (author)  rickharris7 years ago
can you tell me where I can purchase the separate rollers, between that and the book that gearhead told me about, I am on my way,
Thank You
I agree, you're unlikely to be able to do it for less than 180 quid.

Vince Gingery at has a book on buildin' a slip roller fer sheetmetal work ,  I think th' basic mechanism shortened down a lot would give you what you need !
meandmytreasures (author)  gearhead19517 years ago
Thank you between this book and knowing that I can pick up the rollers by themselves, I am on my way,
Acepilot427 years ago
good question