How can I make a solar panel?

jtobako8 years ago
Look up 'copper oxide solar panel'. I've answered this last week, so a search should find it.
There is another way, although this will require some chemistry. First you need to make conductive glass:

Then you need to follow the guide here. Titanium dioxide can be purchased on ebay or obtained at many paint stores. Please read the material safety data sheet (MSDS) of all materials!

What's the voltage on the Titanium oxide cell? And how long does it last (the questions at the end suggest it has a short lifespan)?
I had read the summary of another experiment that stated that the voltage was between 0.3-0.5 volts depending on the pH, organic dye used, solvent, and/or the presence of other substances. In terms of lifespan I would not get my hopes up. If you wanted to do some original research (I have no idea what resources you have at your disposal), it might be worth remembering that solar panels are effectively PIN photodiodes with a large surface area. I posit that you could dope the tin compound that forms on the glass with an N or P type substance, since I seem to remember it can act as a semiconductor. Using two panes of such glass, one coated N-type, the other P-type, you should be able to make a rudimentary (transparent) diode of large surface area. It should be capable of the photoelectric effect to some small extent and have a good lifespan. My knowledge of semiconductor physics is rather rudimentary however, so I could be quite wrong. Hm, I forgot that this was interesting! If I wasn't already buried in stuff to do, I'd try it out at the lab. It might be possible to deposit one of the layers on polyimide film instead of glass to save weight.