How can I make a varible induction heater driver?

So a few days ago I saw a slideshow on how to make an induction heater. I thought that was really cool. However the circuit the author used to drive the work coil only had two functions, on and off. The author claims the circuit can drive 24VAC at 180 kHz. I was wondering if anybody knows of a circuit that can drive 24VAC with a variable frequency, between 100 kHz and 200 kHz. Thanks in advance!

garettc7 years ago
There are many induction heating plans out there, but most do not offer enough information to actually build something that works.  the exception is Neon John's site--google for his name and 'induction heater' and you will get to his blog. 

He's got two versions, complete schematics, .pcb files and just about everything else you need to make a 1200 watt induction heater.

It's worth a look!
lemonie8 years ago
What do you want to do with this? L
junits15 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Well I really just want to play around with the concept of induction, and see some nails glow red hot!
Sounds cool. I'd try it with the fixed frequency first, then think about variable. L