How, can I make a webcam from an security camera?

I got a security camera the pcb is just scratched a little. There are 4 wires comming out.

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RedMeanie7 years ago
The 4 wires are (+) 12v ( -) ground then the other two are Signal and Ground.
But like has been said, it will cost more to convert this than to buy a web cam. Sell it to someone and use the money to buy a web cam. Spy cams or circuit board cams can run upwards of $40 US depending on if they are CCD or CMOS.

Also on those wire descriptions you better get them right the first time or you will destroy the whole camera.

Good Luck!
You can add a video capture box, via USB to do it, but is it worth it ?

definitely i used easy cap. i paid it less than $20 and i can connect up to 4 cam to it,.
I can buy a webcam for less than 5 USD here.
things are pretty expensive in mauritius. don't count on ebay/ paypal is not welcomed in our banks for now/
lemonie7 years ago

4 wires?
What sort of wires, is there a coaxial signal-out?
You'd need an RF demodultor and software, rather like you have in these packages:
If the frequency is within the demodulator's range.
If the output is something like composite, it'll be easier - can you post a picture?

All Board Cameras are Composite Signal Outs. But like was said above it would be WAY cheaper for him or her to buy a web cam.
I have seen RF systems, we don't know how old it is.

rickharris7 years ago
In the UK a reasonable quality web cam can be as little as £11 ($20) Not worth the time spent.

Or less second-hand.