How can I make crazy-high voltages without a bulky setup?

I know that stunguns and tasers can produce hundreds of thousands of volts.

I was wondering what kind of circuits I would use to achieve similar or, preferably, higher voltages (like, in the millions) using components like ignition coils, magnet wire, 555 timers and components bought at Radioshack.

I want to produce as much voltage as I can with a tabletop setup without having to build or use big capacitors, a tesla coil, or electrostatic generator. The purpose would be to generate lots of faint corona discharge. 

orksecurity6 years ago
Scuff your feet across the carpet during the winter. Touch a doorknob. That spark's probably at least 10,000 volts -- at almost no amperage, which is why it's mostly safe. (I say "mostly" because in a hospital setting, especially with heart catheterization patients, that can be enough to kill.)

"Lots of faint corona discharge" -- see all the Instructables having to do with plasma globes.

Also see xenon flash circuits.

But I second Rick: If you aren't willing to spend the learning time and building time (and a bit of money) to do it safely, you have no business doing it.
rickharris6 years ago
working (playing) with dangerous items suggests you need some considerable knowledge if your not to become a sad statistic. As before if you need to ask these questions your knowledge is not yet advanced enough to safely operate the end product - Sorry.