How can I make drive belt for microwave turntable??

The present belt is 1/8 inch square and 36 inches in circumference.

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luxl6 years ago
I had to do improvisation to a record player when stuck out in the country once. get an old inner tube of a car, also bike will do. cut diagonally across tube to make a ring. with trial and error you can figure out the correct diameter and width of your band so that it doesnt slip off. should save your trip to the hardware store.
acidbass7 years ago
I hate to say it but dont be cheap and just buy a new one from grainger or any other home improvement store (they do not cost much anyway)
Thats not the point the man/woman asked a question and we should help him
that was helping and like i said if he/she does go the cheap way I highly doubt that they build microwaves from scratch for a living (not saying i do) but if he/ she goes to grainger and buys a freaking new belt at least they still have the self satisfaction of 'fixing it" because they personally have to install it.
rickharris7 years ago
Burf7 years ago
I would cut a strip out of an old leather belt, taper the ends so they overlap and then use super glue and a paper binder clip to hold them in place until the glue sets. Make it snug because it will stretch a little.
caarntedd Burf7 years ago
Great Idea. I can remember old machinery running with leather belts when I was an apprentice. Also shearing equipment in sheep shearing sheds is run this way.
caarntedd7 years ago
Is the cost an issue, or just availability? If you don't mind spending a few bucks, take the old belt (or the measurements) to an auto parts store and get a belt designed for use on a car. There are literally thousands of automotive belts to choose from.
frollard7 years ago
an elastic band? Turntables don't use a lot of torque, so it could be something as simple as string, as long as there's an idler pully, and something sticky on the other pulleys.
. +1
. Not sure if it would be a problem, but I would avoid any kind of metal.