How can I make motion sensor LEDs, individually, no wiring between, so I can attatch several on a costume?

I´ve seen kids shirts with LEDs like the blinking leds in kids shoes, where can I get the circuit board? thank you

Wesley6668 years ago
Also you can get tilt switches for $1 each here:

Wesley6668 years ago
Kids shoes have tilt sensors or bump sensors. Its just a metal or mercury ball inside a tube and that connects the circuit when walking.
rachel8 years ago
I believe the kids' shoe lights have pressure switches, so that when someone is standing on the shoe, the lights go on. For a simple motion sensor, you can use a number of circuit components (see for an example of one). In fact, there are quite a few results if you search for motion sensors.

For a circuit that stays on a while even after the pressure or motion has stopped, use a 555 timer chip. A useful timer circuit is here: . You'd need to modify it by swapping out the photoresistor for your motion switch, and possibly changing the 555 from bistable (flashing) to monostable (goes off once).

Well now I'm kinda interested in this idea. Maybe I will make one and post it.
Nofew8 years ago
The LED's don't sense the motion, some sensor like one in a Wii Remote does. Radio Shack's the best place for the stuff you'd want. Wire all the LED's around your costume and run them through a switch that turns on when the motion sensor feels motion and turns off after no motion is felt after a few seconds. I'm not sure how to do that, though.