How can I make my own operating system?

Hey guys. I want to make my own operating system. I need a NOOB-FRIENDLY guide, as I dont have very much programming skills. PLEASE HELP ME! I REALLY WANT TO MAKE MY OWN OS! Thanks!

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thegeeke6 years ago
*Cough* *Cough* Ya... RIGHT... learn how to program first. The only system I wrote is a DOS system... even that was based off of a pre-existing system. I wasn't exactly a programming noob when I wrote that! ;)
rickharris6 years ago
Not a newcomer task you have a steep learning curve before your ready to go this way - get started with some basic underlying knowledge of processors and computing in general.
Even the tiny systems I've written in embedded processors require deep knowledge of the hardware and lots of programming experience. Not Newb project.

cantinora6 years ago
Talk about too large of a project to start with. This task is the equivelent of trying to learn to swim by jumping into the deepest coldest ocean. That said, here's the deal. The first thing you need is a kernel. This is the basis of any OS. It provides the first layer to the OS. It handles hardware calls and communication. All of the hardware. This then offers API (application programming interface) to the GUI (grahical user interface). Both of those softwares are really complex, and, as was said before, takes a team of skilled computer programmers with different skill sets. Writing for hardware is a different skill than writing, say, a word processing app.

I believe that if you wish to have your own OS, you develop a distro of Linux. If you're really ambitious you can try to design a new GUI, but like i say, that's hard. Also, any language that is robust enough to do what you want (and it's gonna be more than one that's needed to complete the task) is not going to be noob friendly at all. Assembly Language (a hardware programming language) can be very hard. C languages can be very hard.
KaydenST6 years ago
Pretty much what aelias36 said. I've read that Windows XP is compiled from 45 million lines of code... Yikes!
aelias366 years ago
Creating an entirely new OS takes months, or even years, of work by highly experienced computer programers. Unfortunately, there no such thing as a 'noob friendly' way to program your own OS.

If you want to make a new OS because you dislike windows, try using one of the many types of Linux, such as Ubuntu or Mint, (google it.)