How can I make my own rock tumbler?

I would like my own rock tumbler and thought there might be enough junk in my garage to put one together, or might not be too hard to find the items but I have no idea where to start.

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Try my rock tumbler.
I built this one for polishing brass bullet casings for reloading but it also makes a good rock tumbler with the right polishing media.
Just Google how to make a rock tumbler or ball mill.
lemonie7 years ago
Rock tumblers are almost exactly like ball-mills, but without the balls: (click)

The "mostly recycled" one is quite good.
Re-design7 years ago
You need a round container in which to place your grits and stones.
You need a frame with rollers to set your round container on.
You need a motor to slowly rotate your rollers so that the round container tumbles your stones so the grits can work their magic.

Start out with a course grit and tumble for a while (long while).
Clean ALL of the course grit out and put in the next smaller grit.  If there is one single piece of the larger grit left in, it will ruin you next step by scratching your stones.

Keep putting in finer grit until you have the finish on the stones that you want.

You might g00gle "diy rock polisher" to get more indepth info.