How can I make this kind of instrument?

So when i first saw this video I fell in love with this stuff... so any ideas and schematics?

Kiteman7 years ago
Have you seen this?  Or investigate "theramin" concepts.
orksecurity7 years ago
From the musical point of view, it's a simple percussion trigger driving a sampler.

As far as the pickups go -- assuming that he isn't just miming to a preconstructed soundtrack --  I can see many ways to do it for vaying amounts of  money and with varying behavior. The fact that he's calling it Sonar suggests that he *may* be using ultrasonic rangefinders.

First step is to figure out those pickups. That's going to take some experimentation; websearch for proximity sensors and Theremin circuits and so on.

Better solution, if you don't insist on the midair response (which is going to be a pain to set up and tune), is to get a standard MIDI drumkit.