How can I modify a power adapter to give out more volts/current?

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plumber_bob6 years ago
Power adapter?

Hook 2 together, 2 hooked in series=more volts, and in parallel=more amps.
For a given volume of metal in a transformer, you can only really get a certain amount of power from it. You CAN rewind it, but you can put a heavier winding on, for more current at less volts, or you put more turns on and get more volts at less current, but you can't get more VA out.
Transformers are about ratios and diameter of wire, not volume. And now most wall warts don't use transformers, they use voltage regulators which should be adjustable with different resistors? up to their power ratings.
Drivel. Power rating is determined by core volume.
How big is the core volume in a voltage regulator chip? 
Even in DOL switcher - and, modified for frequency, the same rule applies, power is proportional to core volume, but you knew that didn't you.

Newer wall warts don't just use regulators. A voltage regulator for 120/240VAC would be very lossy and innefficient. New wall warts actually use Switched Mode Power Supplies<br /><br />They still use transformers, except they use a high frequency, which reduces the core size of the transformer.<br />
Re-design6 years ago
If you're going to hook two together if they are a/c you have to get the phase in sync. or you will have no voltage and wonder why it don't work.
lemonie6 years ago
I'm not sure why you picked plumber_bob's answer as the best, it's vague and I'm really not convinced it's a good idea. L
lemonie6 years ago
You could take the transformer apart and rewind it, but you really don't want to do this it's a long horrible job. Find a different power supply instead. L
Rewind the secondary with a lower AWG wire for a higher current (instead of using #28 use #24) and increase the amount of turns on the secondary for a higher voltage. You probably won't be able to take both up by much, but if you focus on one you might be able to do it.