How can I overclock my compaq?

SO I have a compaq prescario c700 laptop PC. It has an Intel celeron processor running @ 1.7ghz, this is a little slow for me so I tried to overclock it via fsb configuration software. (like setfsb) The only problem is I cannot find a program that supports my PLL (or clock generator) My PLL is a slg8sp512t, I have tried getting a program that supports a similar PLL but they all just bluescreen my computer. I'm doing this on AC popwer so the Intel speedstep function should be turned off. So my question Is does anybody know-of/have a program that supports this PLL?

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I don't think you can. I had a compaq desktop and the only way to overclock it was by replacing the BIOS chip.
Not sure if Celerons are subject to 6x multipler lock if BSEL is manipulated, but if not, that'd be the easiest solution.

Otherwise, you'll have to isolate the pll's fs_a/b/c and set logic high/low accordingly.

I have a c762nr that I am in the process of manipulating pll to have 166fsb.
Wolf Seril8 years ago
Have you heard of people doing this before? I doubt it would work. Even if you did manage to overclock a laptop, the processor would cook and shut off automatically. If you have heard of someone who has used a program to do it successfully on your model of computer, I recommend emailing them.
junits15 (author)  Wolf Seril8 years ago
Thats just the thing I have seen this done to ther laptops but never this one. If the laptop is cooled correctly it can work.
Cooling isn't the only issue though. You have to find a way to actually make it overclock, and if your BIOS doesn't support it, you will need a new bios. BIOS is firmware, which means you can't just download a new one. It's a physical thing. Theoretically you could "flash" your BIOS. Its a method used to reprogram it if it somehow becomes corrupted, or they come out with a new version. If someone has released a third party one (its doubtful Compaq would make it), then you could try flashing your current BIOS with that. In that case, do that, figure out how you're going to cool it, and you should be golden.
junits15 (author)  Wolf Seril8 years ago
ok thanks