How can I prevent a envelope pillow cover from popping open on the back?

I have made two of the envelope pillow covers and on the back the opening does not lay close and flat like the picture shows.  My thought was a tight fitting pillow would cause the opening to split open but both pillows fit loose and still the opening still does not stay closed. Any ideas on what is causing the gap?  Any ideas on how to prevent it?

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lizzyastro5 years ago
Is there enough overlap to put some buttons on the underneath layer & button holes in the top layer? I have done this on some cushion (throw pillow) covers I have made.
rickharris5 years ago
Zip or put the opening at the end and make a suitable over lap for the opening.
BonesOneil (author)  rickharris5 years ago
I like it! Thanks for your help.
I would agree with Burf that velcro would be a good option.
If you don't fancy that then small metal or plastic sew on press studs would do the job well, they are usually available in various sizes & colours from places that sell sewing supplies or craft shops such as Hobbycraft.
BonesOneil (author)  Nostalgic Guy5 years ago
Good ideas. I was hoping not to use velcro as it is not soft. This pillow will be for my daughter's dorm room. Thank you too Burf!!
Burf5 years ago