How can I put movies on this camera?

I have an emerson flip 720p hd 5mp camera for a christmas present. Its great but I would like to do a little more with it. I have seen people use it as a portable tv and was wondering how to do that. Can someone find me some instructions or a video on how to do that?
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thegeeke5 years ago
Most cameras will not support that. You can try to drag and drop video files onto the camera's storage and see if it shows up in the camera's playback mode. It probably will not, since most cameras use what is called a "shadow" file. This file is created by the camera when you shoot footage with it. It gives the playback feature on the camera the information it needs to play the file.

If it does use this file, it is possible to create it yourself, but you need to know a lot of information about the video, and once you knew how to make the file, it would be very time consuming. That's after you know how to make the file. Each camera uses different shadow files, and I sincerely doubt that anyone on this site who has the knowledge to dysect the file has the time to do it for free. I have dysected these files before (although I never recreated them before), but I was being paid hundreds of dollars per hour to do it. I doubt it's worth that kind of money to you. ;)

You can look into getting a small mp4 player... They're not that expensive... :)

MAYBE if its just a matter of encoding in the same codec (might be something simple like mov mjpeg or something) if the right resolution...but generally doesn't work.
Right... I've never seen a camera that would do it, but I'm sure there might be some out there that I just haven't seen... In theory it would be possible. :)