How can I rejuvenate an old car battery?


pkaa1 year ago

I tried all of sorts of methods and techniques and most seem to hold up for a couple of days then the battery fails or just becomes unrepairable! What you need to do is get a hold of a guide that teaches you safe and working methods that rejuvenates your battery like its brand new! I suggest heading here

plumber_bob8 years ago
First thing is that on lead acid batteries you should be able to check the fluid level of each cell in the battery. Even the new ones should have a way to check them. To top off the cells just add good clean water, filtered or distilled. Then fluid level should not quite touch the inside top of the battery. If the fluid level is low, correct it, charge it, and see what happens. If that plan didn't get it, then, a trick I learned back in the days when I had a motorcycle might, my battery started to act like it was about dead. I got this from an article in EasyRider magazine. Find a safe place to work, get a plastic bucket, face protection, gloves, and an old coat or something. Dump all the cells contents into the bucket, this may take some time and the battery is heavy, so plan ahead. Next you want to kind of pressure wash each cell inside enough to break loose the sediment that forms on the bottom and shorts out the plates of the cells. Once that mess is over,(you'll still have to figure out how to properly dispose of the battery acid, but it still may work to clean metals or something), You'll need to go to the auto parts store and buy some battery acid, I think you'll find this is far cheaper than a new battery. Carefully fill each cell to it's proper level, and charge to the proper level. If that fails also, it could be bad news for the battery. Hope this helps.
vince 098 years ago
put it on a car battery charger at 12 volt 2 amp or the lowest amp setting and let it sit for a day or two. that will give it a good charge