How can I remote activate an LED light?

I need to remote activate an LED light from very close proximity. It will never be farther that like a foot away so I wont need much power. I just need an idea of what kind of remote and reciever to use. Im making a light-up key ring for a purse that will light up from a sewn in remote. Thanks for the help

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XOIIO8 years ago
EASY! I do this all thetime. Go to any discount or home store, and find a remote controll shed/closet light. Then you just pull out the circuit and wire up your LEDs/motor/buzzer and presto! Works all the time. Hope I helped!
ANDY!8 years ago
get a cheap RC car and take the control panel out. replace the wires that go to the motor and wire tem into the light. Also, you can get a a infared sensor and a infa red led and plug those in as switches
kh319 (author)  ANDY!8 years ago
what kind of power runs through those? I need everything to be remote so i need small battery power
frollard kh3198 years ago
those remote cars will kill themselves just listening for radio waves waiting for a that probably rules out small battery power.
ANDY!8 years ago
those? DC. 3v-12v. you need to be specific