How can I remove candle wax from a concrete floor?

A while back I spilled roughly one candle's-worth of melted wax on my rough concrete shop floor. It's not causing any problems, but it's ugly and feels weird when I step on it. I've thought of a wire brush and a lot of heat, neither of which are really practical. Any suggestions for removing it?

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I would scrape it with a sharp edge while melting it with a lighter or something
akagumbo5 years ago
the Iron works really well, I use several paper towels FOLDING OFTEN so not to ruin the iron or melt back into the carpet or floor. then to rid stain use mineral spirits followed by Dawn dish soap to cut the spirits.
I've heard mineral spirits work well to dissolve paraffin wax.
nostick5 years ago
I would lay paper towel over it, then a few layers of newspaper over that, then iron it.
NachoMahma5 years ago
.  yokozuna, rickharris, and seandogue have the right idea - liquefy (why is that not spelled "liquify"?) and absorb/adsorb.
seandogue5 years ago
scrape the bulk off with putty knife, then use a hair drier (carefully) to heat it to melting and apply paper towels (in fact, if you're careful you can apply the paper towels - or newspaper - first and heat them gently with the hair drier. eventually you'll have to scrub it with a cleaning agent to remove the final bit of residue.
lemonie5 years ago

You might blow-lamp it until it's soaked-in / burned-off. But you'd want floor-paint to finish it off nicely.

rickharris5 years ago
Heat it up and then absorb it with kitty litter.
Ian015 years ago
Maybe set it on fire?
yokozuna5 years ago
Perhaps using a heat gun?
iBurn5 years ago
To get the bulk of it off you could try heating up something that's flat, like a trowel perhaps?
CameronSS (author)  iBurn5 years ago
Bulk is already off. I'm trying to get out the glop that stuck down in.