How can I remove the copper wire from appliance armatures, rotors?

What I have is a collection of armatures & rotors from various electric appliances I have dissected. Appliances, fans, blender, even teeny computer widgets. The windings would give me lots of different diameter wire to ...wrap the ends of wooden pieces...bamboo at the culms...etc. Blasted steel gets in the way. What's a way to get at the wire without destroying it? Cold chisel the steel, separate, then cut each individual layer?? Please include details or a way to contact you if I need more info. Thanks

jtobako8 years ago
You need to reverse-engineer how the wire was put on in the first place-it can be different for each coil. A good hacksaw would be better than the cold chisel. If you are separating the laminations, most come in two parts-an 'E' shape with an 'l' shape covering the end. These will alternate like bricks so the seams don't line up.
lemonie8 years ago
I used to do this years ago, rewind transformers etc... like jtobako says, you need to look at how the thing was put together, and plenty of these things were not made to be disassembled. It's also worth checking these for electrical lacquers, which can be a bit of pain but maybe loosened with paint stripper(?)

Sandisk1duo8 years ago
cut the steel away, maybe hit it on the ground?
omnibot8 years ago
Use a LOT of patience.