How can I speed up my old iPhone 4s?

My iPhone 4s has been using for more than two years and it's becoming more and more slower. How to make it run faster?

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AliceB12 years ago

If you need, there is a guide you can refer to

AliceB12 years ago

You can clear junk files like caches, cookies, temp files and clear some useless apps, some songs or photos to free up space. I have used a tool like PhotoClean to help me clear space.

Tophey2 years ago

this ware is quite practical and easily operate. In order to celebrate the upcoming Christmas Day, macgo iPhone cleaner is holding a giveaway promotion during 8th - 12th in December 2014.

iceng2 years ago

As a conspiracy nut, I believe apple downloads or has enabled the slowwww code to motivate you to buy the next whizbang !

rickharris2 years ago

Remove everything on it that isn't essential to the prime use you have for it.

Clear the Cache

check the internet