How can I turn an Xbox 360 SATA wire into a SATA-to-USB cable?

I recently stripped my Xbox 360 HDD for an external Drive. I have a USB-to-SATA cable already, but I would like to use the wires from the 360 as a second SATA to USB wire. Any help?

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It isn't a question of wiring one to the other, they are completely different protocols.

NativeSs (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Easy man, I was just wondering if it could be done... i dont see a reason why a company can take the wires from a SATA connection and fit a usb to the other end of it and I can't. It just seems to me that It would just be a matter of hoooking the wires up right... I know that SATA isnt usb, but if SATA-to-usb wires exist someone had to make one from scratch somewhere. Does my storebought one have a driver on it to explain to the computer that its sata input?
SATA-to -USB cables have smarts in the ends, thats why. They are pretty small, so they dont' appear as a lump in the cable.

I used bold to try and stop you damaging one end or the other.

NativeSs (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
well its an old jusk cable from an old junk 3box 360 hdd... I am not worried about damaging it, because if i cant use it them i am just going to throw it away... Thanks for the help
lemonie5 years ago
Get a second USB-SATA device then.
I don't really understand what you mean about these "wires"...?

NativeSs (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Okay, When I tore apart the Xbox HDD, there was a piece that connected the HDD to the system. On one end it has the SATA connector and the other has the connector for the Xbox. I just need to know which wires i need to connect to which wires on the USB wire to make this work
Steve has the correct answer - you cannot just 'connect' usb to sata, they need to be interpreted in software between the

It CAN be done, but there is no sense salvaging just the connector when the 'hard' part is doing the conversion -- and that conversion will ALWAYS come with the connector.
I bet they're not the same signal levels either.