How can I turn an air conditioner on/off without remote.

How can I can I modify an air conditioner so that it can be turned on/off without the remote as soon as I turn on the power switch? I however want to use the remote to regulate the temperature.?

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SamW264 months ago

how to manually turn on/off for this type of aircon.. please help...

open the air filter cover(front panel) on your air conditioner... usually you will find a small button to switch on... it's small spring switch, push it ones it's on, push again then it's off.... you can replace this switch with relay... now you have it...

have a nice experiment...
Thanks a Lot Man
I had a great experience...i was very disappointed when my AC remote was out of order
but you helped me to solve this problem in an eye blink...
hendrosutono is a genius. All hail hendrosutono! you are the master , you are divine!!!
lemonie6 years ago
How remote? Do you want to save your self the effort of getting off the couch, or do you want to switch it on half an hour before you get home? L
cprompt7 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I have built a control circuit for the air conditioner that uses a relay to supply power to the air conditioner. I do not want to have to use the remote to switch it on again I may not always be in the room.
So some kind of radio device with a short range I guess? I'll think - off to work. L