How can I turn an old air hockey table into a big light table?

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Re-design5 years ago
Sure. Take off the playing surface. REplace it with TEMPERED glass with a sheet of frosted plexiglass under it. Then install a lighting system under that with a dimmer. There you have a super sized light table. I've got to wonder why you need a light table so large.
gamefreakgeekgirl (author) 5 years ago
Thank you for your concern, but I promise it isn't necessary. They are NOT marbles and if you'd care to take a look around the website the picture is from you can see for yourself. But like I said this is to promote tactile/sensory play. I assure you that my child is NOT left alone unattended. I play with my kids personally. The light table would also be used for coloring, stamps, cut outs and what have you. Again, I completely understand your xautioband concern, but I assure you all, it is unwarranted.
Thanks for responding, this is my first project like this. If you could keep your comments to the specific construction of converting the table, I would LOVE IT!
Thank you all so much!
Hello gamefreakgeekgirl,

As a mother I would appreciate knowing that any advice I got here was in keeping with my child's best interests. That being said, we also have a "be nice" policy, and no one is trying to insult you or give you a hard time.

As far as the link you posted, no one is able to look around "the website" because you gave a link to an image. The image is also on a blogspot website and without the specific address, no one is able to see or read the information you are referring to.

If you would like to post a link regarding the activities this table will be used for, I'm sure you'll get better advice. You can do so by choosing to "edit" your question and giving some more details. You can post images there as well.

Lastly, just so you know, in order for anyone to know you've responded here, you have to "reply" to a specific member. Posting a separate "answer it" comment will not be read by any of us unless we choose to revisit this question.

- canucksgirl
gamefreakgeekgirl (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Sorry about not having a direct link and thank you for pointing out the reply feature.
I was being nice and I understand everyone is trying to help and comes from a good place. I just want to keep the conversation about the light table construction. Yes it will be used be used by a toddler, so it should hold up pretty well. I was weary of using glass and was planning on changing that aspect.
Are there examples of how to build the light system I need in other projects?
Really advice on the table would be lovely! I really need the help and I very much appreciate the time people take just to help me through my project! Thank you for your help!
Looks very interesting. I'm glad you finally got some advice that will help in the construction of your light table. Best of luck. :) - canucksgirl
Burf5 years ago
After taking a look at the picture, I have a couple of concerns, the biggest being the choking hazard all those marbles pose for a toddler. The second, if you decide to build it, because of the propensity of little ones to drop or throw things, rather than tempered glass, use 1/4 inch thick plexi-glass or lexan. Either will work and they won't shatter or crumble.
gamefreakgeekgirl (author)  Burf5 years ago
Thank you, I will happily take the glass alternative!
+1 Safety First!!! Marbles and toddlers = Bad Idea.
gamefreakgeekgirl (author) 5 years ago
For toddler play!