How can I turn my router into a radar to locate devices connected to it?

Alright, at my company I would like to have a "where are they" app to located personal in relation to their wifi connection point within the building.  I thought if the call phone companies can do it with their towers I surely would be able to do the same thing with multiple hot-spots in a certain distance from one another.

lemonie6 years ago
Why do you want to know?
You could e-mail them, IM them, or not bother because if they're using the connection you can verify they're working and why should it matter where?

adanker (author)  lemonie6 years ago
This would not so much as to whether employees are working or not, but rather where the 150 iPads are floating around in between 2 buildings.

Not sure if this would be way to tasking on the router's hardware or not.
Hmm- like a glorified find my iPod? You could probably somehow connect them all to the find my iphone service and somehow auto refresh it....