How can I turn rotational motion 90 degrees?

I want to connect a horizontal, spinning shaft to a vertical shaft so that the first shaft will spin the second. Does anyone have any suggestions other than a gearbox or pulley/belt arrangement?

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for this u hav to hav concept of gears so follow the pictyres
220px-Bevel_gear.jpg220px-Gear-kegelzahnrad.svg (1).png
rickharris8 years ago
Bevel gears
karnuvap8 years ago
You can buy these 90 degree convertors as accessories for electric screwdrivers or electric drills such as this one:
lemonie8 years ago
Hi, it's depends upon how much power you want to transmit, but a simple friction drive like this might work for you? L
kelseymh8 years ago
A gearbox _is_ the way to do that. Two conical gears. Unless you are a master machinist, buy an appropriate sealed box. If you try to use a universal joint, the inertia involved is likely to burn out your motor.
scafool8 years ago
you might be able to do it by connecting them with a flexible shaft (cable) or some plastic tubing like fuel line if the loads are not too heavy.