How can I use my old VHF rabbit ear TV antenna to receive UHF TV signals?

rich_moe8 years ago
The neat thing about RF is that when you tie antennas together, the antenna closest in size to the channel frequency will receive the strongest signal, and there will still be VHF stations around. using VHF Rabbit ears may not be optimal for what you want. Just add a little to your current antenna. See the -ibles here (search for antennas) and have a go at it.
UziMonkey8 years ago
Is this even worth doing? If you're in the US, you should be thinking about digital television instead. I think they're passing a bill to get more vouchers approved, so be sure to get a voucher for a free (or nearly free) converter box. I have no idea about the antennas though.
u need an antenna in addition to the converter box to get good signals. They chose to leave that out in the commercials.