How can a preteen girl make money?

Hi, I am a preteen girl and trying to save up for something ( I don't know what yet,) and I dont live in a busy area, I have made a little bit of money on these things:
Making homemade bookmarks
And having a lemonade stand
All I have right now is $23 I had $200 but my mom and dad needed it, and I didnt want to hurt their feelings, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, I am not like that, but anywho, lets get back on subject, is there anything I can do, I want to get about $500-$800 and just have it for  when I want something, like a new game or something, I make charms and key chains but haven't got a chance to sell them, and outside work ain't really my thing and housework, I think I. Make even more mess, btw I am REALLY crafty like making charms bookmarks drawings etc, so if you got any ideas what to do please tell me,

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Poprockzftw (author) 5 years ago
THANKS! I really thank you for all the help, I finally have almost $80! I am buying a laptop or the iPod 5th gen blue one!!'
rrkrose5 years ago
You should sell your crafts on etsy! In case you haven't heard of the site, it's basically this website where people sell homemade items. I haven't sold anything on their but now several people that have. A lot of people say that it takes a few months to sell the first thing and then after that they have a steady stream of sales.
Good luck!
Poprockzftw (author)  rrkrose5 years ago
Maybe, ill check with my folks, does it cost money? And I have no way of a PC or anything, I am using a ipod I am not bragging or anything, just sayin, and what's the safety policy? Does it give my address? Cuz my mom and dad don't really like that kind of stuff, I am so sorry about all the qeustions,
You've been given a lead. Now's the time for you to take the initiative and research that lead ( to see if it's right for you.

Don't ever be sorry for asking questions. Just be willing to put forth the effort to find the answers... and best of luck to you!

Poprockzftw (author)  bajablue5 years ago
Does etsy have an app? I have no connection of a laptop or a PC
I think they do but I'm not sure if you can sell stuff from the app. BTW, etsy cost $.20 per item that you list and they take 3.5% of your total earnings.
I don't know... I'm strictly a laptop user.
thegeeke5 years ago
Try selling it on Ebay. :)
rickharris5 years ago
This guy knows what he is talking about - He is a multi millionaire
jbaker225 years ago
You wont earn money incredibly fast but, you could download apps like junowallet and Apreedeem is another site. I can tell more like theses and tell bonus codes so you get some $. Your parents wont take amazon $ will they?
Poprockzftw (author)  jbaker225 years ago
Idk I can't really do all the app stuff and online, my parents and I ain't really comfortable with that,
lemonie5 years ago
Money is for spending, not having. This is why you gave your parents the $200; because they needed to spend it and you didn't.

If your parents aren't ever going to ask you for money again they should give you the $200 back. If you've lost that for good then you may lose anything else you gain in a similar way.

rickharris5 years ago
There is a lower age limit on joining the site 13 i believe. This makes you below that limit - Sorry.
rickharris5 years ago
This has been asked lots of times - try this search for ideas.