How can i build a taser?

I want to make a taser .Can u help me

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iceng5 years ago
Have you looked at this page ?

zelback1 iceng5 years ago
Personally, I think that tazers have a serious tendency to backfire. One, if your assailant is touching you while you taze them, you get zapped too, and it is only about half effective. Theres a myth that says this is not true. Take it from me, IT IS. I've done it. (Crap, I just gave away the fact that I've barely graduated from high school... ah well) The fact of the matter is this, pepper spray is better. It works on anyone. While it is possible to build an immunity to high voltage shocks and if the assailant is using a pacemaker you're on murder charges, it is impossible to develop an immunity to pepper spray. And again, sadly, I know, when I first met my girlfriend, she jumped two feet in the air and pepper sprayed me. which is why I would never advise saying "beautiful night tonight" to a brunette at 2 in the morning. She's gonna be high strung, and she probably has mace. Lucky for me it worked out alright, though I only got as far as "Beauti-" in my sentence before I got maced. She has been with me for two years and she's been a joy to be around the entire time.
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Doc Penguin (author)  zelback13 years ago

Yourse is the best answer but i cant mark it

thank you

Which kind?

There are your typical commercial versions that have a visible arch of electricity across the contacts. Or there are the cheap ones made from a disposable camera's flash circuit.

Do a search on here for Taser or update your keywords with taser and you'll get related projects listed on the right hand side of the screen.

A real taser pulses high voltage to shut down the nervous system.

Camera flash 'shockers' are designed to hurt, but will only piss off an assailant - not to be used for self defense unless you want a home-made taser shoved where the sun doesn't shine.