How can i disassemble my logitech m315/m235?

Basically, my mouse double clicks instead of a single click and i would like to fix it myself since i cannot refund or ask for a replacement because i cannot find the receipt. How can i disassemble my mouse? I can't find any screws (i have checked under the stickers and other thing) and the bottom is locked on pretty tight. I found like a latch on the back to push the top cover a bit off but something prevents it from dis-attaching itself.

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nanana695 years ago
There is a screw under the (+) sign on the battery slot. Just pierce the sticker and open the screw, and the mouse would open easily. I just found it myself when googling about m235 and I feel I need to share it with you. Hope this helps

Thanks, my M187 can be opened easily too using this way.

SamuelS791 year ago

Just remove that sticker under the battery (or simply drill the (+) sign with Philips screw driver. Only one screw there so you don't have to worry any other screw. Pop it open and put a little pull backward to release the pcb. You can remove the pcb by push the plastic lock using (-) screwdriver, which you can see it from the the side of the battery (when you pop the battery cover you can see the pcb, that's where the lock is). Then u can wash the chassis with water and soap. The side cover where the thumb rest also can be removed by popping up the locks on the side. But I'm not sure how (or possibly cannot) to remove the top cover.

Libahunt5 years ago
If you have made sure there are no screws under the mouse feet then I suggest just pry it open as gently as you can. Plastic tabs can break but they can be replaced with glue - not such a big loss.

I have Logitech LX Revolution that starts to come apart in one end every time I drop it (happens enouch). It seems like it does not have any screws, otherwise it could not do that. I don't belive that they would put screws just in one end and not the other.
felekin (author)  Libahunt5 years ago
I think i can pop-off the top if i'm careful since i found a click on thing but there isn't any screws under the mouse feet.
frollard5 years ago
Did you try removing the teflon pads (the slippery parts) - the screws are usually under those.

Be careful not to damage the adhesive, you'll need to put them back on.

Trouble is the micro-switches are pretty specific to that model and might not show any sign of wear. I've successfully swapped the left and right click, and even swapped the left and middle click on a malfunctioning left click mouse.
felekin (author)  frollard5 years ago
I have tried removing them, yes. Nothing under them.
Vyger5 years ago
The mouse settings are changed in the Logitech software. Using that you can assign any function to any mouse button and change from single to double click and vise versa.
If you do not have the Logitech software installed then just download it from their web site. Taking the mouse apart will accomplish nothing for this problem as it is a software problem and not hardware.
Libahunt Vyger5 years ago
If it suddenly started double clicking, then it is more probably hardware problem. As much I have experienced myself and heard form friends it is pretty common for mice to fail this way, just usually it happens after few years of use and not in the quarantee time.

If it is hardware then the button on PCB probably can be replaced - I have seen only two types of buttons in mice, both also available in electronics components store. As last chance the double clicking one can be moved to right and the functional right one taken to the left - would probably work fine.
felekin (author)  Libahunt5 years ago
Yeah, i'm pretty sure it's a hardware problem as well. I reinstalled the drivers and also downloaded the logitech software (setpoint) and didn't fix the problem.
bwrussell Vyger5 years ago
+1, unless you here to distinct clicks when you press the mouse once then this is a software issue. If all the settings look correct, both in the OS's settings and logitech's, then try uninstalling the logitech software and reinstalling it.