How can i find a good,cheep video camrea?

me and my bud hav a "show" and the fone just aint cuttin it. i need a fairly good camcorder that picks up good sound and can be uploded to the internet. i dont need any of the fansy MP3 crap, just a camera. prise ranj? 350-400.......

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After going through various tape based camcorders I arrived at the Flip Ultra (about $115 as can be seen here:

The Ultra is great for basic recording, but I later upgraded to the Flip MinoHD (about $145) and I really love it.

The beauty is the simplicity of this device. The USB connection AND software to manage your videos is all built in to the camera. To charge, simply plug it in to your USB port. No need to worry about batteries or extra cables to loose.

The HD video quality is also very good. Some people complain that the HD version can be "shaky" but I haven't had that problem at all.
redsoxdrummer (author)  siliconghost8 years ago
cool..... its seems that the flip my be my best bet.......... are those Sony Handycams any good........
Bartboy8 years ago
Hmmm, Wow! I bought a samsung mini dv from future shop for 100$, and it lasted a good 2 years. DO NOT go for the ones that record onto disks, as they are very annoying. One with a hard drive or mini dv is what to get.
I second that - the mini-dvds are a pain in the butt to get the info back off, and are cumbersome to carry around for their capacity.
Unless you want to spend a bit more and get true HD blu ray, then it's probably worth it. But the real movies use mini dv cameras.
mini-dv or something proprietary, agreed. My last camera acquisition was a canon point-and-shoot capable of HD 720 video. !WOW! does it ever make a difference. Exceptional quality on sdhc bandwidth!
winslow1218 years ago
theres a good 1 at wal mart for like30$ i got it and it works well for me.
jeff-o8 years ago
I have a JVC mini camcorder that records to SD memory cards. I like it a lot. Better than my old Flip.
realjanner8 years ago
I have just bought (Ebay) a Creative Vado HD which is similiar to the Flip HD mentioned by robotguy4. For the prices you pay these small cameras are excellent and it is very easy to upload to your computer, Youtube etc. My research showed that there was not much to chose between them . Flip better in low light, Vado bigger screen, longer run time. Hope this helps.
Wolf Seril8 years ago
350-400 dollars is plenty to get something decent for your purposes. You can look at your local electronics store so that you can actually see the camera, or go online to maybe get a good deal. (You could also find one you like in the store, and then find it for cheaper online). If you decide you want to spend less money, look on craigslist to see if anyone is getting rid of any.
robotguy48 years ago
If you're looking for something sort of good (good enough for Youtube, let's say), and cheap, you may want to look into the flip line of video camcorders. They don't have many features, however, if you're just looking for something to record some video with, this might be a good thing to look into. They have maximum record times of 60-120 minutes... However, you can always download and delete the videos off of them.

These are actually priced BELOW your price range, the lower quality ones pricing from $149 to the HD versions which are $199.

You may want to look into the specs... Depending on what you are doing, you may want something else... There is no built in audio jack, so that might not be your best bet, HOWEVER, you could always record your audio on a computer with a good mic and then edit the two together.

In the long run, this would probably be much better than using sound off of a camcorder.

I can say, however, that the resolution and sound will be better than your phone...
I agree the flip cameras are a great buy for the price. often has them at a discount.