How can i fit a foot operated switch for scrollsaw or bandsaw

I have asewing machine switch control that id like to fit to my scroll saw and bandsaw has anyone done this? can anyone give my any guidance even awiring schematic my saws are clarke items and the foot switch is from a brother sewing machine

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jaysix5 years ago
Correction on Note 2: (by Jaysix)... should read 'this IS NOT a motor control speed switch... its either ON or OFF'
jaysix5 years ago
I bought a footswitch (2 wire on/off) @ Walmart..then wired the 'hot side' of a standard power bar so that it ran through the switch. This allowed all 8 power bar outlets to be activated by the foot switch.
Note 1: important that the third prong (ground) remain connected.
Note 2: this is a motor control 'speed switch'... its either ON or OFF
Re-design6 years ago
You need to make sure that the motors are speed controllable. Most on band saws are not. "Some" on scroll saws are.
+1 I was going to add that too.
Burf6 years ago
Just wire the foot pedal to a standard type wall outlet plug that is appropriate for your country and then plug the device into the outlet. Remember to enclose the outlet in a non-conductive enclosure or approved electrical box.