How can i get a rowing action in a knex boat?

am making a model trireme out of knex for a history project. I would like it to be motorised and in unison without it being too big. I need all the help I can get and a.s.a.p. please. (I've got some plans below on what I'm aiming for.) (In case you do not know what a trireme is, it is an ancient Greek warship with a copper ram on the front, half below the waterline.(see images))

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KNEXFRANTIC7 years ago
i know this is relly late but im buliding a design witch has 4 pistons powerd by 1 motor witch could easly be converted to a rowing action
Hiyadudez8 years ago
Your in luck! I made a viking ship with a rowing action out of knex a few weeks ago! I posted some videos!

Best answer? :)
supah4x0r8 years ago
you might not understand it. so ill send you a pic.
DarkVolt (author)  supah4x0r8 years ago
ok, thanks for the help.
supah4x0r8 years ago
simple get a long chain some wheels and rods. first make a long line of wheels preferrably ones with tanclip space in the wheel frame, joined by gears seperated by spacers on a straight line. Next put gears on them and secure them with tan clip. Add chain to gears then add motor at back/front of trireme. then (if you have micro knex) insert rods into the little holes in the wheel ,one on a wheel side so its like a train wheel piston. add your stopper onto the end of the micro knex rod to stop it from falling off and add convert to knex normal size then add your oar. Hope it helps. H4X0R.