How can i get my old record player louder??

I bought an old record player from a garage sale. It came with 2 speakers, each having 2 cables  that connect to the back of the record plaer. The player has 3 screws that you connect the 4 bare speaker wires to. (L,C,R. i just double up the center.) Then it plugs into the wall. Iv heard i need a pre-amp but im confused on which one to get and how it would hook up in my situation. Please help and thank you soo much!!

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orksecurity6 years ago
Does it have a headphone jack? If so, that is usually a better signal to feed into another amplifier than the speaker terminals would be.
nurdee16 years ago
Best I can say is to put an amplifier between the record player and the speakers.
yokozuna6 years ago
Turn the volume to 11.
Aw, man! I opened this Q just so I could write "turn it up to 11". ;P
iceng yokozuna6 years ago
In the same vein, put your ear closer to the sound :)

It will increase get Louder inversely in proportion to the distance your ear
is to the sound you seek.

The rule of inverted squares or something like that.
LoL, like the budgetary application of a dark star........

The best way we can help you is if you give us more info on the record player. Post a picture, give us a make and model number so we know what you actually have. At this point, you could have an old portable record player (all in one amplified unit) or just a turntable and a pair of speakers.

Does it have a knob marked Volume?

From your description, it seems that you have a all in one unit and all you have to do is connect the speakers to listen to that awesome vinyl. The speakers should have wires that you can discern which lead is which - copper and silver colored wire cores, a wire cover with a stripe on one or a flat or ribbed side and a side that doesn't have a marking. I would normally take the wire that is silver or "marked" and connect that to the "L" and "R", then twist the copper/unmarked wires together and put that to the "C".

That's my best educated guess.


Vyger6 years ago
The pre amp is already inside. What you are looking for is just an amp. You can plug this into any standard Tuner.Amp and it should work. You will need to modify a cable by cutting off the end and striping the wires down. The center is the ground and the 2 ground wires on the cable can be twisted together and hooked to it. The right and left go to the respective terminals
andy70707 Vyger6 years ago
This. Also, make sure the speakers can handle to power. For example, don't go getting a 20w amp if you only have 10w speakers, or they will blow up or be damaged. At the very least, the sound will be very distorted and crackly.